Life Cream Cell Redensifying 

Life Cream Cell Redensifying – Premium CellVector© technology is used in Cell Redensifying skincare. CellVector© technology boosts the efficacy of the active ingredients ten-fold compared to conventional formulas. This cream differs from conventional formulas in which the active ingredients fail to penetrate the skin's surface and do not reach t...

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  • Cell Redensifying Fundamental Serum 28 Days
    180,00 €
    A highly effective renewing serum with Cell Life Serum in a pure, concentrated form for a 28-day radiance treatment. Cells are reactivated and tired, dull, stressed or mature skin is revitalized and recharged. The skin's own rejuvenation process is reactivated thanks to a drastic increase in collagen and elastin production. After using one vial a week for...
  • Cell Redensifying Fundamental Life Radiance Cream
    165,00 €
    Fundamental Life Radiance Cream fully reactivates cells’ biology, helping your body regain its ability to make collagen and elastin naturally. Skin appears plumped up, more youthful and radiant – and is full of life again. UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY: CellVector©. Thanks to CellVector© technology, the active ingredients are transported directly to cells, where they...
  • Cell Redensifying The Concentrate
    165,00 €
    Skin needs to be reactivated after the age of 50. The cells produce less and less “youthfulness” molecules such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which leads to a loss of volume, slackening, a paler complexion and dryness. The Life Cream beauty products from SBT Laboratories Hamburg give your skin new life and activate it from the inside out, for...
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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