Life Cream Cell Restoring 

Life Cream Cell Restoring – Decrease in tone, wrinkles, uneven complexion – Cell replenishment.
Helps to restore skin elasticity from the within the skin by supporting natural collagen and elastin fibres.

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  • Cell Restoring Firming Cream
    125,00 €
    Anti-Wrinkle Cream supports the health and production of natural collagen and elastin fibres, minimizing wrinkles. With regular use, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out. Skin feels firmer and softly redefined.
  • Cell Restoring Firming Serum
    135,00 €
    A concentrated serum that firms skin and improves its elasticity. Skin instantly looks firmer, and wrinkles are visibly smoothed. The serum creates an immediate lifting effect. Over time, skin becomes firmer and regains a glowing, more youthful appearance.
  • Cell Restoring Eyedentical The Concentrate Eye Serum
    84,00 €
    Eyedentical The Concentrate Serum is the ultimate treatment for the delicate eye area. It revitalizes and provides firmness, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, crow's feet, fine lines and puffiness, while giving lashes a nourishing boost. Selected ingredients in the eye serum renew and hydrate. Delicate skin is smooth, radiant and healthy.
  • Cell Restoring Eyedentical Eye Cream
    84,00 €
    Cell-mimetic ingredients and the Age-Care Complex developed by SBT promote hydration levels and cell elasticity. The sensitive skin around the eyes feels soothed and fine lines, wrinkles and signs of fatigue are diminished. Skin feels firmer, looks more lifted and less puffy. Ophthalmologically tested.
  • Cell Restoring Regenerating and Firming Night Cream
    125,00 €
    Cell Restoring Regenerating and Firming Night Cream is centered on our unique CellLife Serum. It reactivates cell regeneration and promotes overnight detoxification and anti-glycation. The process of overnight regeneration is reactivated. The effects are instantly noticeable: Skin feels fully hydrated and looks smoother and fresher. Lines and wrinkles are...
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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