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  • Celldentical Gentle Fresh Cleansing Gel
    35,00 €
    This gently cooling and refreshing Gel, gives perfect deep-cleansing results. -  A light, cooling, cleansing and refreshing gel for oily skin with a tendency to blemishes and overproduction of sebum. - Gentle but thorough cleansing – perfect for deep cleansing
  • Celldentical Mild Cleansing Milk
    35,00 €
    A mild cleansing milk, perfect for every skin type. Even sensitive skin is minimally stressed during cleaning. Applicable for every day. Also suitable for gentle removal of eye makeup.
  • Celldentical Hydrating Preparing Toner
    35,00 €
    The first step after cleansing: A refreshing toner, that perfectly prepares the skin for the following skincare. The alcohol-free toner clears away the last residue of the cleansing products and cares for the skin with Cell Life Serum . The skin immediately feels wonderfully soft and moisturized. Apply to face with a cotton pad after cleansing.
  • Celldentical Micellar Cleanser
    35,00 €
    A fast and thorough way of cleansing without water. A soothing, enriched with micelles cleaning solution thoroughly cleanses the skin and free of makeup. This Micelle solution magnetically attracts superficial impurities, so sensitive facial skin is cleaned without rubbing and rinsing, perfectly. The natural balance of the cell is perfectly preserved,...
  • Sensi-Aktiv Celldentical Cleansing Sensitive Skin Clear Blemish Control...
    36,00 €
    Sensi-Aktiv Blemish Cleansing Solution pads take the place of the daily toner. They gently clean the skin with salicylic acid and Allantoin. The toner pads have a light disinfecting effect and calm slightly reddened, blemished areas. Cell-identical cleansing products provide skin cells with the same milieu as their natural environment: this means minimum...
  • Life Cleansing Celldentical - Micellar Biphase Make-up Remover
    35,00 €
    For the first time in cosmetics, Micellar Biphase Make-up remover is based on the nutrient fluid of our cells : CellLife Serum. It brings life to our cells with a biological nutrient solution that meets all the requirements. Signs of fatigue are visibly reduced, lashes are fortified. Micellar Biphase Make-up Remover is very efficient and removes even...
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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