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  • Celldentical Gentle Fresh Cleansing Gel
    35,00 €
    This gently cooling and refreshing Gel, gives perfect deep-cleansing results. -  A light, cooling, cleansing and refreshing gel for oily skin with a tendency to blemishes and overproduction of sebum. - Gentle but thorough cleansing – perfect for deep cleansing
  • Celldentical Mild Cleansing Milk
    35,00 €
    A mild cleansing milk, perfect for every skin type. Even sensitive skin is minimally stressed during cleaning. Applicable for every day. Also suitable for gentle removal of eye makeup.
  • Celldentical Hydrating Preparing Toner
    35,00 €
    The first step after cleansing: A refreshing toner, that perfectly prepares the skin for the following skincare. The alcohol-free toner clears away the last residue of the cleansing products and cares for the skin with Cell Life Serum . The skin immediately feels wonderfully soft and moisturized. Apply to face with a cotton pad after cleansing.
  • Celldentical Micellar Cleanser
    35,00 €
    A fast and thorough way of cleansing without water. A soothing, enriched with micelles cleaning solution thoroughly cleanses the skin and free of makeup. This Micelle solution magnetically attracts superficial impurities, so sensitive facial skin is cleaned without rubbing and rinsing, perfectly. The natural balance of the cell is perfectly preserved,...
  • Perfekt Peeling Activated Powder
    59,00 €
    When mixed with a few drops of water, CellLife Peeling powder transforms into a rich foam. It not only activates CellLife Serum but also a specific enzyme that eliminates dead cells and retains the skin’s natural cell balance. Perfekt CellLife Peeling biologically minimises blemishes to leave you with a smoother, brighter, clearer and more even skin tone....
  • CellLife Activation Serum Duo
    1 Review
    93,00 €
    CellLife Activation Serum is 97% fresh biology. Pure Cell Life Serum brings life to cells by ensuring a round the clock supply of nutrients and by readjusting the biological balance naturally present in young skin. Clinical studies show that used on a daily basis, it has the power to activate the cells’ ability to interact more efficiently with any...
  • Optimum Regenerating Firming Anti-Wrinkle Cream
    125,00 €
    A regenerating firming cream that redefines the facial contours in a gentle way. Optimum regenerating cream helps restore skin elasticity from within to help the natural collagen and elastin fibres of the skin. With regular application, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, the skin feels firmer and facial features are gently redefined. Sensitive...
  • Optimum Regenerating Wrinkle Lifting/ Firming Serum
    135,00 €
    An intensive serum, providing a "lifting" effect on application. The concentrated Optimum serum gives the skin new resilience and improved elasticity: The skin looks instantly firmed, wrinkles are visibly smoothed. It provides a "lifting" effect on application. The skin is tightened over time. For a radiant, more youthful-looking appearance.
  • Cell Restoring Eyedentical The Concentrate Lifting & Firming Serum Eyes...
    84,00 €
    A revitalizing, firming eye serum, which at the same time nourishes the lashes. Optimum revitalising eye serum provides intensive moisture and long-lasting firmness with a "lift". It illuminates the eye contour on application. With its high concentration of Cell Life Serum, it cares for and regenerates the skin long-term. For a smooth, radiant and...
  • Optimum Eyedentical Regenerating Firming Anti-Wrinkle & Dark Circle Cream
    84,00 €
    An eye cream, which reduces fine lines, wrinkles and minimizes dark circles. In perfect affinity with the sensitive eye contour area. The cell-identical factors of the Age Care Complex activated by the unique Cell Life Serum help promote regeneration and restore hydration from outside and cell elasticity from within. With regular application, skin is...
  • LifeCream Cell Restoring Night Regeneration Firming Cream
    125,00 €
    Based on unique Cell Life Serum and reactivates cell regeneration and promotes night-time repir, detoxification and anti-glycation. The skin's night-time biological mechanisms are re-stimulated. Ideal for every fragile skins. Results : The skin feels immediately hydrated, it looks instantly firmed, supple and fresher, wrinkles are visibly smoothed. 
  • Intensiv Fundamental LifeRadiance Serum 28 Day Cure
    180,00 €
    This high potency, regenerating serum, contains Cell Life Serum in a pure, concentrated form. It regenerates cells and replenishes tired, dull, stressed or mature skin’s energy reserves. The serum re-activates its youthing biology by dramatically improving the production of collagen and elastin. After completing the one-month treatment (one vial per...
  • Intensiv Fundamental LifeRadiance Cream
    165,00 €
    Unlike conventional formulas, SBT Intensiv uses the innovative and incredibly premium CellVector © technology. In conventional formulas, most active ingredients are stopped by layers of skin (epidermis, dermis) and do not actually reach the skin cells, where collagen is being produced. Thanks to unique CellVector©, SBT Intensiv active agents are not...
  • Cell Redensifying | The Concentrate 50 ml
    165,00 €
    Highly concentrated in Cell Life Serum and formulated with an exclusive complex of firming and redensifying molecules. The Concentrate reactivates cell regeneration supports the production of anti-aging molecules such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, and redefines the facial contours. Results : The skin is intensely nourished, visibly smoother...
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