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  • Cell Life Activation Serum Mono
    51,00 €
    Cell Life Activation Serum is 97% fresh biology that contains 55 essential components that precisely meet the needs of our skin.  Pure Cell Life Serum reanimates cells and provides them with nutrients around the clock. It restores the natural biological balance of young skin. Clinical studies have proven that when used daily as a pre-treatment step, this...
  • Celldentical Active Powder Peeling
    60,00 €
    Soothing Powder Peel is enriched with enzymes that gently exfoliate with no abrasive grains that might cause irritation. Skin is left with a deep yet gentle cleanse. When the fine powder is mixed with water to create foam, it activates the cell renewing Cell Life Serum which protects cells and maintains skin’s natural balance. The Powder Peel can be used...
  • Sensi-Aktiv Celldentical Toner Pads
    36,00 €
    Use Sensi-Aktiv Blemish Cleansing Solution Pads in place of toner. The cell-mimetic cleanser gently exfoliates and cleanses skin cells in a manner perfectly matched to its natural condition. This means ultra-mild cleansing – even for sensitive skin. Salicylic Acid exfoliates the inside walls of pores to fight the appearance of blemishes while Allantoin...
  • Cell Revitalizing Set All-round Anti-aging Cream Medium + Cell Life...
    1 Review
    96,00 €
    This set contains Cell Revitalizing All-round Anti-Aging Cream Medium and Cell Life Activation Serum for free. Nourishing daily moisturizer that awakens skin cells to actively counteract skin aging and reduce lines and wrinkles while providing long-lasting hydration. Skin feels soft-to-the-touch, supple and smooth.
  • Celldentical Soothing Cleansing Foam
    29,00 €
    Celldentical Cleansing Foam cleanses skin cells in a manner perfectly matched to its natural environment. This means ultra-mild cleansing – even for fragile skin. This creamy cleansing foam is enriched with micelles that act like an invisible magnet to absorb impurities, including make-up. The result is a flawlessly clean face, eyes and lips, without...
  • Celldentical Balancing Priming Toner
    35,00 €
    The first step after cleansing in your skincare routine, this refreshing toner primes skin perfectly, removing any last traces of cleansing products and nourishes skin thanks to the Cell Life Serum in the toner. Skin instantly feels velvety soft and wonderfully moisturized.
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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